70 years of experience in the mining industry

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Picture above from FEN


The Hustadlitt group, which is the majority owner of REN, has more than 70 years of experience in the mining industry, and a proven track record of responsible and sustainable operations. This will also apply to the Fen project.


The deposit can serve generations to come with elements for a more sustainable future.

Our responsibility is to develop the FEN deposit using the most modern and environmentally friendly methods, minimizing footprint and negative impacts.

Minerals mined at the FEN deposit are vital for the Green transition and for a more sustainable global future. Several of the RE minerals from the Fen Deposit are critical for the Green transition. By 2050 the world will experience a total transition in fossil based industries making consumer goods for all of us. Permanent magnets are essential in these future based industries. And Rare Earths are needed to make these permanent magnets.

The development of the FEN deposit will provide value to the local community, municipality, the county and the country. The Fen deposit is located at Ulefoss with a long history of important mining and mining industry, the development of the FEN deposit will revitalize the community and create stable and long-lasting job opportunities in the region.

Transparency, openness, information, and involvement are key factors when developing this project which will be based on the newest and most modern technologies and strong focus on Health, Security and Environment and footprint from operations